Our services are based around assessing the current, future, and potential services that ecosystems can provide on an environmental, societal, and economic basis. Assessing current and future services focus on better characterizing the functioning of existing ecosystems, whereas exploring potential refers to designing and implementing nature based solutions to engineering and environmental problems. Our services are as such:

Baseline analysis

These studies are based around characterising the benefits that existing ecosystems provide in terms of regulating, provisioning and cultural services. These studies utilise fieldwork, remote sensing / modelling and literature reviews to provide a comprehensive valuation of ecosystem services.

Future (Climate)

risk analysis

These studies utilise climate model outputs and open source datasets to assess future risks to ecosystems posed by climate change and population growth. Through exploring risks, appropriate adaptation pathways can be identified.

Rapid assessment (of NBS potential)

Find the NBS that fits your case and tailor it to specific needs. This process involves working with clients to determine their needs and providing bespoke solutions that utilise NBS based on the latest research trends in academia and industry standards.

Design & implementation

This process takes projects from inception through to design and implementation. We draw on an extensive network of partners (from engineers to landscapers) to turn NBS into reality.