Oscar Alvarado

Bart Housmans

Jack Beard

Oscar is a multidisciplinary environmental scientist with over 7 years of experience in the fields of natural resource management and sustainability. As a modern-day nomad, his career includes work in the Netherlands, Canada, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, and Costa Rica. Oscar believes that we can renew our connection to nature if we bring back biodiversity into our surroundings. One way to do this is by showing the value that ecosystems provide to human well-being.

Bart’s passion for NBS stems from various solo hiking trips and stays outdoors, where he was inspired by nature’s simple yet exquisite balance and ability to adapt. After a Bachelor’s degree in Future Planet Studies he worked at the council of Amsterdam, where he implemented NBS for the purposes of soil remediation. It was during a year of working on a farm in Mongolia that Bart developed an interest in circular and regenerative agriculture, which he further specialised in during his Master’s via an internship in Spain. Specialism: regenerative agriculture, ecosystem restoration, constructed wetlands, interdisciplinary research.

Jack began studying Environmental Sciences to contribute to protecting the most vulnerable people and ecosystems from the worst effects of climate change. He sees working with NBS as a vital step towards achieving this in a meaningful and sustainable way. Jack has a broad range of experience in the water sector, having worked and studied in the UK, the Netherlands and Spain. His specialisms include drought, climate change, water reuse and natural flood management, attested to by work on these topics published in multiple scientific journals. At Green In Blue, Jack works as a scientific/technical director/advisor due to his network within academia and expertise in programming, remote sensing and modelling of environmental systems.

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